Veterinarians in Highland Vet Provide Urgent & Emergency Veterinary Care

Highland Veterinary Hospital offers both urgent care and emergency veterinarian care for all small animals in the surrounding areas. Our animal hospital is open Monday through Saturday each week and has highly experienced veterinarians and trained veterinary technicians available to treat pet emergencies during office hours.

Our vet office is equipped with a full, in-house pharmacy. Concerned pet owners should contact the Highland Veterinary Hospital immediately if they believe their animal needs urgent care.

Urgent care refers to pet conditions that are not life-threatening to the pet but needs to be seen before the next available appointment. The Hospital will work to get your pet seen in between other scheduled appointments. Pet owners are asked to alert the receptionist so we can do our best to give your pet the attention needed. The hospital cares for dogs, cats, rabbits, and pocket pets.

Call us at: (248) 887-3755

After Hours Emergency Care

Animal Emergency Center
(248) 348-1788

Animal Neurology & ER Center
(248) 960-7200

Blue Pearl
(248) 354-6640
South Field Michigan

Oakland Vet Emergency Service
(248) 334-6877
Bloomfield Hills